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The Property

A beautiful 25 acre slice of nature in South Whitley, IN. It features a large 2.5 acre pond that is stocked with fish and is fun to take a canoe or fishing boat on. Ten acres of forest with several short hiking trails is a perfect place to enjoy nature and breathe in the fresh air. All year enjoy a variety of flowers blooming around the property and the idyllc scenery of a homestead. At any moment we have several types of farm animals on the property. Typically there are cows, pigs, ducks, chickens, and goats. We usually have a baby animal as we breed many of them ourselves including incubating chickens and ducks from our own flocks. We have a 5,000 square foot barn for hosting events. The inside of the barn has a rustic feel and comfortably seats up to 200 guests.

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Our Story

When we met in 2016, we both had the dream of owning a small sustainable farm. In May of 2018, we moved from downtown Fort Wayne to our beautiful 25-acre property in South Whitley, The Holy Cow Homestead. The name honors the history of the property; it was a Christian campground for several decades, and the first animals we brought home, three baby calves. Shortly after we brought home cows, we added hogs, Nigerian dwarf goats, ducks, and lots of chickens! Ryan draws from his experience working on farms and the wisdom of holistic farmers like Joel Salatin for his farming practice. Sarah incorporates her love of homesteading, fermentation, and gardening into the property. We have two lovely daughters who help love and care for the animals.  

We hope to see you soon!

Ryan, Sarah, Penelope, and Veda

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